I always dreamt about going on a trip with Revolve. It definitely was on my bucket list. Now that exact dream came true. For almost one week I traveled with the cutest Revolve team and the coolest girls in the fashion scene through LA and Palm Springs. We had great brunches and of course a lot of parties (yes the #revolvefamily is crazy!!! I seriously felt like a grandma sometimes next to them). We also spent all three days at the festival „chella“ (how cool people call it now these times, somebody told me). In this post I will take you with me on my journey with Revolve (& of course show you my looks). Btw. Lina Tesch, took all the pictures during the time with revolve. She is a great friend and the best photographer. Thank you, Lina for our great time – you are the best! So now enjoy reading/ browsing and leave a comment! PS: This is my travel / LA music playlist : (here)


Hello Los Angeles!

Our first get-together with the Revolve crew was at a brunch with breathtaking views of Los Angeles city from above. It took place at our hotel The Roosevelt (so comfy – waking up and the event is taking place at your hotel hehe). Afterwards Lina and I went to the Revolve Social Club, where I chose outfits to shoot. You definitely have to check out their rooftop (Revolve is on Melrose Avenue – nice area to stroll around). Then we shot a lot of different looks and went to the h:ours launch party at the Avenue in the evening!

Off shoulder blouse – Lovers and Friends  (shop here) | Skirt – NBD (shop here) | Sunnies – Ray Ban (shop here) | Shoes – Roger Vivier

Dress/Coat – L’Academie (shop here)

At the brunch with cuties @happilygrey and @collagevintage


Off shoulder blouse – Lovers and Friends  (shop here) / Skirt : NBD


Off to Palm Springs!

Off to the desert! Quite early Lina and I were on our way to Palm Springs. We planned on arriving in the desert early to shoot. „Planned“… And then we suddenly drove by the coolest outlet shopping center. We just „planned“ on getting a quick coffee. The quick coffee turned into in a „quick“ three hour shopping trip haha. Ups. But seriously Balenciaga, Saint Laurent, Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada etc. 70-80% off? Though I only bought a belt from Saint Laurent. But I just love to stroll around and look at all those amazing and pretty clothes. It inspires me (even if most of it is still too expensive despite SALE). In the end fashion just makes me up – like every girly girl! So we arrived at our hotel in Palm Springs pretty late. It was called Arrive and was reserved for Revolve guests the entire weekend. Isn’t that crazy? We just had time to unpack everything (which was already a big struggle) and then we had to leave to the „Ale by Alessandra Ambrosia dinner“ right away. It was such a nice atmosphere – really relaxing!

Sunnies – Ray Ban (shop here) | Suit – Kappa | Shoes – Superga (shop here)

Shirt – House of Harlow (shop here) | Pants – House of Harlow (shop here)

Body – NBD (shop here) | Shorts – Levis (shop here) | Shoes – Puma

Dress – Ale by Alessandra Ambrosio (shop here)


Festival Day I

I was ready for the festival weekend! And I had the feeling this year everyone was going! I can understand why people were annoyed by the massive amount of „wheel posts“ haha… I was  annoyed too haha , so please forgive me for all the festival pictures! But it is just once a year, so come on!

Of course I didn’t plan any outfits (I mean, why do something the easy way, when I can always make it a struggle haha? Who can relate?). So I spent the entire morning trying to find a good outfit. Afterwards there was a brunch hosted by Nicole Richie and a Pool party hosted by Chiara Ferragni (nicest girl!!). I could not wait to finally go to the festival in the afternoon! But guys, you can’t believe how annoying the traffic around Coachella is .. It always took us such a long time to get there. So by the time we got there the first day, we had already missed the sunset and a lot of acts – soooo sad! But the best performances were in the evening – so it was fine! The biggest surprise that day was a Drake performance! My other favorites on Friday were Banks and, of course, the xx!

Bikini – Chiara Ferragni collection (shop here) | Sunnies – Ray Ban (shop here)


Festival Day II

The next day, I started the day with a little bike tour! Lina and I visited our German crew. They stayed quite close to our hotel! Then we went to the „Revolve Estate Party“. And party people, it was literally right out of a movie. The house was huge!!! And the surrounding was amazing. I was super happy to spend the afternoon with Lina and Sonia there. They also had an In and Out truck there – how cool, right? Then we headed to the festival. And that day, by far my favorite act was Lady Gaga. She killed it! Future also put on a really great show. Unfortunately, I missed Martin Garrix because it was just too crowded.

Interview for german TV

Shirt – House of Harlow (shop here) | Shorts – Levis (shop here) | Shoes – Raye (shop here) | Sunnies – Ray Ban (shop here)

Time with @itsnotsonia


Festival Day III

On our last day in the desert I wanted to spend more time at the Revolve Estate. It had just blown me away the day before. I also really wanted to try all the cool activities you could do there – for example the Rollerblade park. No sooner said than done. I tried it and it was harder than it looked haha. But it was fun. In the afternoon we went to the festival again. Kendrick Lamar was my personal highlight that day! The afterparty at the Revolve Estate that night with special performance by Drake was also super cool.

Bodysuit – h:ours (similar here) | Lace Robe – Homebodii (shop here) | Sunnies – Ray Ban (shop here)

Favorite @linatesch


Bye Palm Springs!

We headed home after such an intense and cool time! Bye Palm Springs. Bye Revolve. Thank you for the cool adventure! Hope to see you soon!!

Dress – Lovers + Friends (shop here)

And the biggest kiss goes to my lovely Lina Tesch, who supported me so so so much during the Revolve trip!

All pictures by Lina Tesch / In cooperation with Revolve ( AD / ANZEIGE).