Yes. I agree, its wintertime… but why not escape from the cold? In this post I will take you to Mauritius with me. In the past four days there I got lost in paradise. Now its already time to leave again – soooo sad. Four days is definitely too short. But as a big anticipation for our next trips to sunny and warm places I will show you my favorite pool/beach essentials. What are your’s?

Ray Ban Sunnies (here)

Ray-Ban (DE) €92.89


My absolutely favorite sunnies are the round metal Ray Ban. Classy, sporty, cool and matching with everything! And now you can also personalize them (also a really nice christmas gift, right?).

CD earrings (here)

Christian Dior Parfums €315.90


I do not know how many people already asked „oh, I love your earrings, where did you get them? I want also ones with my initials..“ Tjaaa… I have the same initials like Christian Dior, so I am pretty lucky!

Levi’s 501 Vintage Shorts (here)

NA-KD (AU, CA, DE, JP, NL, UK & US) €48.02


I have a kind of deep relationship to these shorts. I bought these vintage shorts five years ago in a Urban Outfitters store .. after years of searching for the perfect shorts. I think these shorts are the ones I wore the most ever! 

I.AM + EPS headphones (here)

FarFetch (DE) €249.16


These I.AM + EPS headphones were just recently released.I was at the launchevent at the Voostore in Berlin, where I met Will i am in person. And guess what he was amazing – super chilled and down to earth. And he said to me „you look like a LA-girl“ … awww, simply because of this sentence I should move to Los Angeles as soon as possible – god is sending me signs!

The perfect white bikini (here)

Asos (DE) €15.50


Yes, I love white bikinis (this one if from Calzedonia). I especially love bandau bikinis, because you don’t get tan lines. This one in particular is my favorite, because even though its a bandeau (= no boobies) the little volants create a nice and beautiful neckline which works very well for small busts.

Dolce & Gabbana bag (similar here)

Net-a-Porter (US) €2,425.95



This bag is probably the most important bag to me. I got it this fashion week in Milan. I already felt so lucky to just be invited to the Dolce & Gabbana show and the dinner in the evening. But then every single guest got a bag – personalized. So you could say that this was the cherry on top of a delicious cake. I will never give this case away. Never ever.


So guys, whats missing here? What would you take you to the pool/beach? Post your essential picture (not necessary pool) now at www.thisismii.de and win a trip to Berlin Fashion week (incl. the Marcel Ostertag Show).