„Energy Coding“ – a new innovative science by System Professional. What is behind the mysterious expression? I will explain it in the following blogpost and take you through my day with System Professional (in form of a little diary). I hope you will enjoy it!

        Arrival at the Lanserhof

We arrived at the Lanserhof, one of the best Wellness hotels in the world. I was super happy that suprisingly also Natascha (@emitaz), a friend from Barcelona, attended the event! When we entered the hotel, I really felt calm and positive energy (rare moment for me haha). They welcomed us with friuts and detox tea – super duper healthy!

Penal discussion

After a little introduction, the penal discussion with Mr. Biot, Poppy Delevigne, Chloe Delevigne and R&D started. I learned a lot about the science behind System Professional and „Energy Coding“:

Since every person has a different type of hair, it needs an individual hair care. By diagnosing the personal hair energy profile, the new proccess „Energy Coding“ can find a solution (YOUR individual enegry code) out of 174 million possible combinations.

Firstly the approach really impressed me –i think its a big step for the beauty industry!  Finally I could find the perfect combination of products, that suit my personal needs! I always struggled between choosing the right Shampoo/Conditionor/Mask, because my hair is it all:  fine, damaged and coloured haha!

The team presented the System Professional „LuxeOil“ series :

Personalized Energy Coding session

After the discussion and all the information about the proccess, I was absolutely curious to find out more about my own energy code. Everyone of us had the chance to talk to a hair specialist. In the session we speaked about my „hair issues“ and I was sure, that there would be now solution for me haha. But TADAAAA the system also found a solution for me!

My energy code is the following:

S1 – Smoothen Shampoo + R2 – Repair Conditioner + L4 – Reconstructive Elixir + X4L – Liquid Hair + B5 – Balance Lotion

System Treatment

After I got my personal code, the best part was about to start! The treatment (which included also a quite long head & neck & hand massage) was super relaxing (as you can see in the picture – I was sooooo happy haha). My hair really felt better after the treatment. I really want to focus more on my hair care!!! I need to admit, that I was really lazy in the past (always used different shampoos, no treatment masks etc). I never had a routine! But now I really want to try to follow the advices and use the  products – to restore my hair! Fingers crossed!

xx Caro

After my hair treatment on the terrace:

The lovely global ambassadors Chloe and Poppy Delevigne:

In cooperation with System Professional (Advertisement/Anzeige).